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Posted by on 15 May 2017

Overlooking the eponymous gulf, on the Etruscan Coast, Baratti is a lively tourist port really appreciated even for its long sandy beaches.

As many other localities in the area, even Baratti has ancient etruscan origins. Nearby the place where the town is today, have been discovered some necropolis and other monuments dating back to the seventh and sixth century BC. The local archeological park covers more than 80 hectares.

The Gulf of Baratti is a small piece of haven with a tropical atmosphere. The sandy shore is particularly charming because when its illuminated by the sun reflects thousand of different colors.

Baratti real estate

It is the effect of the microscopic iron grains located on the beach, an ancient memory of the time in which etruscan and roman use to make weapons and other objects in here.

The calm sea and the light wind constantly blowing allow you to practice sports as surf and sailing.

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