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Posted by on 15 May 2017

Located a few km from the sea, Bolgheri is a small historic town of the countryside of Livorno surrounded by vineyards and fields. As a production place of prestigious red wines such as Bolgheri DOC and Sassicaia, the town is often destination of gastronomic tour.

At the entrance of the town there is the famous Castle of red bricks, an ancient property of the family Della Gherardesca. The fortress dates back to the XIII century, but is still in perfect conditions. Is just under its tower that ends the “Cypresses Boulevard” a long tree-lined road, really scenographic, that link Bolgheri to the Vecchia Aurelia and the coast.

Bolgheri real estate

In the old town there are craftsman shops, wineries, restaurants in which you can taste the products of the territory. Wandering along the alleys and the small streets of the town is like diving in the past, in the medieval times.

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