Campiglia Marittima

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Posted by on 7 September 2021

Campiglia Marittima is one of the most charming town of the Etruscan Coast. Even if it doesn’t have a direct outlet to the sea, the nearest beach is located just a few km from here.

The town is placed on top os a hill from which you can admire the surrounding countryside, with vineyards and olives groves, and the sea. The fields around the town are crossed by dirt roads and paths that allow you to do sport and pleasant excursions open air.

Campiglia Marittima real estate

Developed in the Middle Ages, the old town of Campiglia Marittima has preserved itself almost intact during time. Along the paved streets of the center there are palaces, churches and other buildings of medieval appearance perfectly preserved. The ancient Praetorian Palace and the walls that still today surrounds the town are a clear example of that.

North of Campiglia Marittima there is the Mineral Park of San Silvestro, an interesting destination for walkings and bike tours.

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